Google Webinar – What Is It?

Google Webinar

Google webinar is a new type of video conferencing service. Web conference is used in combination with other types of collaborative services such as webcasts, video conferencing, and live webinars. One of the major features of web conferences is that they are open to all participants without having to worry about technical issues or bandwidth restrictions. Webconferencing is a very simple way of conducting interactive webinar sessions. It is more cost effective than video conferencing services because it offers more flexible session duration and enables people to make use of different hardware and software. If you are planning to host your next online event, then you should consider using web conferencing services from a reliable webhost.


Webconferencing services are usually provided by professional web hosting companies with webinars designed by famous professionals. As soon as you sign up with a webhost, you can download and install the webinar software onto your own computer. Web hosting services usually charge an annual fee. However, if you plan to host multiple webinars at the same time, then it would be best to choose a web hosting provider with free trial periods. Most web hosting providers provide web conference equipment that comes with a trial.


The webconferring service offered by Google will let you create your own webcast. This type of webcast can be done over a long time period like months or even years. The webcast can be recorded and uploaded on your own website as a video conference. You can also use this webcast to hold online marketing events, sales pitches, business seminars, employee orientation, employee reviews, etc. When you are hosting a live conference, you should ensure that you have sufficient bandwidth and a good internet connection to host your web conference. You can also find a host of companies who offer online webcasting services at affordable rates. Also check What is a Webinar? and Best Webinar Software Platforms for 2020.